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Clowe Re-Signs!!!!

Posted 3:01 PM ET | Comments 5
Wow! What a difference 12 hours make! Last night I came across a blog from one of the Sharks broadcaters, Randy Hahn, that gave some hope that Clowe would be re-siging with the team. Then, I checked out David Pollack's Blog, and he had a quote from Doug Wilson which simply stated “We have an understanding,” Wilson said this week of the stalled talks with Clowe, “and we’ll have news shortly.”

Then, I wake up this morning, flip on my computer, and check out the sites as usual. I just so happened to check Buzz first and see a small note in Eklund's blog saying that Clowe has resigned. After the initial excitement of seeing those words, I felt the need to confirm this further, so I checked the official Sharks site and nothing. Then I went to the best resource I've found, the NHLPA site, and low and behold, they have Clowe listed for $1.6 million for the 08/09 season!

Now that all the major pieces of the team have been signed, the salary that Clowe is scheduled to recieve put the team over the cap. This would mean that we should expect to see someone get dumped since the roster still needs to be filled out with some players brought up from the AHL. I expect to see McLaren being the unlucky one to go, although I don't think it would be a surprise for anyone, but there is always the possibility of DW moving someone else with a larger contract (sorry all, Cheechoo would be next on the list based on what I think the new system coach McLellan plans on implementing).

Broadcaster's Blog: http://boards.sjsharks.co...=1&showentry=124

Pollacks Blog: http://blogs.mercurynews....for-a-few-rounds-of-golf/

NHLPA: http://nhlpa.com/WebStats...SearchV2.asp?OIDTeam=8379

On an unrelated note: I have to disappear from the boards for a while to get some non-hockey related things done. I will pop in from time to time, but will be unable to keep everyone as up-to-date as I have been. Keep looking for info and make sure to share what you find with others, and I'll be back as soon as I can. We need to keep the talk about the Sharks going as much as possible! Take Care!
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August 1, 2008 6:49 PM ET | Delete
no one was going to offer him an "offer sheet" for more than San Jose was going to give himas a restricted free agent where was Clowe going to go?.... a solid fringe player but is he worth 1.6 million for only a year?
August 2, 2008 2:39 AM ET | Delete
Clowie is worth more than 1.6 mil per year. He was one of our best players in the post season in 06-07. He was doing great before the injury in 07-08 and he was a much needed addition for our post season in 07-08. He just needs to stay healthy for the entire year and people will get an idea of just how good he is and how important he is for a team in the Western Conference. Great work as always SoCal!
August 4, 2008 9:38 AM ET | Delete
Starting to wonder about this deal. Why haven't the Sharks done a press release on this? No official publication that I have seen has brken this story. I see him listed on NHLPA site, but why wouldn't you do a press release on this. All team list even minor leaguers. Hmmmm.... very interesting.
August 4, 2008 1:29 PM ET | Delete
DW likes to make little mini-announcements. Kaspar is also listed on there as signed, so I would expect to hear something this week, if not later today.
August 4, 2008 7:27 PM ET | Delete
There I go, I open my mouth and "Boom" it's official. Oh well, so much for my insight...
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