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I did a little breakdown of the Sabres lineup from last year to see how we did when our big guns score. Last year we had 5 players that broke the 20 goal mark. Vanek-36, Roy-32, Pominville-27, Kotalik-23, and Hecht-22. I figured it by percentage of points secured in games that were scored in.

1. Roy - 25 games 19-4-2 80%
2. Kotalik - 20 games 14-5-1 73%
3. Pominville - 23 games 14-5-4 70%
4. Vanek - 28 games 18-8-2 68%
5. Hecht - 20 games 11-8-1 58%

I find it very interesting that there is such a variance depending on who scores in a given game. Are we going to be more nervous when Hecht scores our first goal of the game instead of Roy. Going a little deeper I found that we were 5-0 when Vanek and Kotalik both score in the same game and 6-0-1 when Vanek and Pominville both score.

And the stat of the day for all the Afinogenov bashers. In the 9 games last year that Max scored in the Sabres were 8-0-1.

P.S. Mr. Glass aka Tim Connolly scored in 7 games last year and we went 6-1.
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October 16, 2008 2:31 AM ET | Delete
Basically your stats prove that if the Sabres could get a maximum effort out of maxim, pun intended, then the team would definitely make playoffs.
October 16, 2008 8:59 AM ET | Delete
Update! Update!Vanek and Kotalik are now 2-0 in this young year when both scoring.How bout them Sabres.
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