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13-1-3 29pts H(7-6-1) A(6-5-2)

Week 8 + Monday. (Added Monday because I was not at work yesterday and had no opportunity to do my report) Well, they let the first 2 games get away but came back strong in the second half of the week. 2-2 this week, and it seems like they might have some scoring touch back.. We gave up 10 goals and scored 9. We pick up 4 points in the standings and slide back into the 8th and final playoff spot.

According to HB fantasy point production:

1st star: Ryan Miller 59 pts
2nd star: Derek Roy 40 pts
3rd star: Paul Gaustad 32 pts

Underachiever of the week.
Sekera 1pt

Thomas Vanek has been the most consistent player on the team. 2 more goals this week puts him at 20G in 27GP. He leads the league in front of Carter by 1. He also leads the Sabres in points with 25 but Roy is now making his push and is up to 21. Miller looked pretty good this week making some big saves in the Tampa and Pittsburgh games.. He is staying steady at 20th in GAA and 22nd in Sv%. With 2 back to back wins hopefully he has gained back his confidence and the team in front of him can take a few more chances.

Upcoming games:
Wednesday vs Tampa Bay(6-13-8)20pts(3-7-3 on the road)
Friday vs Toronto(10-12-6)26pts(5-7-2 on the road)
Saturday @ New Jersey(14-8-2)30pts(7-4-1 at home)

Notable no show in the point column this week:
Sekera, 0pts -2 5shots (2nd week in a row with 0pts)
Gerbe 0pts +3 4PM 6shots (Played a solid game in his first action of the season)

Stat of the week:
Stafford +4 (team leader for the week)

Stat of the year:
Sabres are 5th worst in the league in even strength goals: -13

Stats say we need 94 pts for a playoff spot:
29 down, 65 to go

Week 8 saw the team start playing some hard working hockey. If they can keep up the work ethic they will find themselves moving up in the standings..

Here is an old post by a “Sabre fan” on our thread.

“heres what I think.

Gaustad is a joke...the guy would NEVER be anything other than a 4th line player on ANY playoff team....we got him playing 3rd line.

Paille - the most overrated Buffalo sports player since Rob Johnson. If he NEVER played another game here...no loss....hes a SOFT joke. wussy extraordinaire. Chicken poop move against Lucic. chicken poop

This team will NOT rise above 9th after this week. Loss toBoston, Loss to Pitts, Loss to Habs.

This team will finish no higher than 12th. Book it”

Gaustad had 2A, a fight, and 15 shots this week.
Paille had 1G but was a -3 but noone has him rated that high so I would say he is not overrated.
They are currently in 8th place and beat Boston and Pittsburgh (twice now)
We will see how they finish but if they keep playing with intensity it will be higher than 12th.

Who can name that “fan”?
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I wonder who that could be...hmmm...maybe that douche thunderanlightning
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Ding ding ding, we have a winner!
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what do i win and by the way i was sent a threatening pm by him i say we all rise up and take him down
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Oh, and I borrowed the pic of your bag for my avatar. Hope you dont mind.
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Message Posted
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hey u stole part of my bag
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What is the best way to go about that?
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