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The year after the lockout saw the comeback of some wild scoring games with the more wide open gameplay. That season saw 11 players break the 40 goal plateau compared to only 3 the season before the lockout. Games played that year had an average of 6.05 goals scored. Unfortunately for fans the next 2 seasons saw those numbers drop.

2005-06 6.06
2006-07 5.76
2007-08 5.44

This year we are back on the upswing and I for one am hoping it stays that way. So far in the 2008-09 season games are averaging 5.84 goals scored, up considerably from last year.

Most exciting and least exciting games by year:

2005-06 Penguins 6.74GPG Flames 4.98GPG
2006-07 Sabres 6.53GPG Devils 4.86GPG
2007-08 Senators 6.10GPG Ducks 4.64GPG
2008-09 Flyers 7.34GPG Rangers 4.74GPG

So, over the last 4 years who has given the fans the highest scoring games?

Flyers 6.40GPG
Maple Leafs 6.20GPG
Thrashers 6.17GPG
Hurricanes 6.14GPG
Avalanche 6.11GPG

The least scoring:

Devils 5.10GPG
Wild 5.10GPG
Rangers 5.15GPG
Canucks 5.53GPG
Ducks 5.53GPG

Of course I am sure Duck fans have not been disappointed with their cup win. Hopefully the scoring continues and we can be talking about how so many players scored so many goals this year. By the end of the season will the flyers still be averaging so many goals per game?

P.S. Lots of goal scoring is fun to watch and great for the league but there is still something special about watching a goaltenders duel every once in a while.

Which would you rather watch? High scoring or defensive battle.
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November 7, 2008 6:05 PM ET | Delete
I sort of grew up on Hasek, so I can appreciate a 2-1 victory as much as the next guy, but clearly the 7-6 overtime game 1 against Ottawa in 2006 stands as the most exciting hockey game I've ever watched as a Sabres fan. So yeah, all told, i prefer a shootout.
November 7, 2008 6:14 PM ET | Delete
Great point! There is nothing like a well pitched 1-0 gem in baseball. But if they were ALL 1-0 gems, the ballpark would be populated with a bunch of old guys yakking how much fun it was to watch Christy Mathewson pitch in "aught-9". No man, chicks dig the long ball AND goal scoring and to hell with coaches and "purists" who think otherwise.
November 7, 2008 6:15 PM ET | Delete
BTW The Ducks lead the league in scoring so far! :)
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