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Coaching Decision

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When you have Dion Phaneuf, Robin Regehr, Cory Sarich, Rhett Warrener or even Adrian Aucoin, why is Anders Eriksson on the ice with less than two minutes to go? The fact that Eriksson decided to pick up the pick and skate towards the mass group of players at the bench didn't worry me. I expected him to have his head up, see the large obstacle and quickly circle back into his own end. However, as soon as I saw his head down, and his arms pulling his stick back to throw it off the boards, I knew we were in trouble.

The puck hits the previously mentioned large group of players standing directly in front of where he shot, and rebounded perfectly onto the stick of Simon Gagne. Now this might not ordinarily be a problem, except all the Flames players were changing, and Gagne was closer to Kipper than any Flame. I say Flame, because Gagne wasn't closer than his teammate Daniel Briere. What a minute, did we give up a two on none to #12 and #48? Really? Oh, well that ain't gonna end well...and Briere roofed it two seconds later.

Again, what was Anders Eriksson doing on the ice with less than two minutes to go? Congratulations Philly fans, you have a good looking team, you aren't as slow as some might believe and Biron looked great. Good luck on the rest of the road trip through the NW.

And Flames ... figure out ... something.
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October 5, 2007 12:32 PM ET | Delete
Well, although Eriksson probably made an idiotic play, Adrian Aucoin could be faulted just as bad for his terrible play and giving up chances. We looked absolutely terrible last night, and without Langs coming to play we we're doomed. Philadelphia looked great, and giving the puck up Gagne/Briere/Knuble all night spelled desaster. I smell another below .500 October.PS; Kipper, shave your head...whats with all that hair! :O
October 5, 2007 1:51 PM ET | Delete
It was a very odd turn of events. Decent game though.
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