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Something to grab on to

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No Eriksson can't be bad. But at the beginning it looked similar to the Philly game. Down 2-0 primarily due to power plays for the Kings. The Flames had some pressure but couldn't build momentum in that first. They were getting out shot, it was not pretty.

The Conroy trip was an awful call. Fortunately they killed that one off. Aubin gave up a soft one to let the Flames back in.

The second period was a different story. We had sustained pressure in their end for more than one shift at a time. In know it was LA, but it is a start. Huselius made a great pass that, had Langkow not scored on, some people would be heavily criticizing his choice not to just shoot. But that is Juice. Conroy was all over the ice - in a good way.

The third was fairly slow. Flames shut down hockey, even if the Kings did score another 5 on 3 goal (Flames have got to stay out of the box; the penalty kill is killing them).

But by far the best part of last night's game was Huselius getting thrown into the boards by Brown. Hueslius was pissed, and Langkow rushed in - he got absolutely owned by Brown. Now, we have all seen that before, no doubt, but it was the moment after Langkow got creamed by Brown, as he was sitting in the box. Huselius skates over, drops off Langkow's stick and gloves, leans through the door which is trying to be closed by the attendant, and says "Thanks man." He holds out his glove for a pound, which Langkow emphatically responded to.

Being 15 rows back of the box and seeing that, was, to me, a big deal. It showed what a team should be. It's that drive to be a team, a good team, one that sticks together. You need that. For me it was hope that maybe things aren't as bad as I thought, and maybe we are going to be okay.

Just my take though.
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