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Slow Start and Kiprusoff

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The Flames don't show up in the month of October. Kiprusoff is always rusty. Iginla usually starts slow. The Flames just don't come out of the gate hard.

I am sick and tired of hearing about that. It is time to stop being okay with that and actually do something about it. All the players are saying the right things: We need to be better ... we can be better ... we just have to do it next game etc. How about instead of talking about it, you actually don't start out of the gate slow. Go out and hit somebody, make a couple of good pass, block a shot, get your feet moving. The Wings toyed with the Flames last night.

People were talking last night (at the 2-2 point) about how the Flames had played a really good road game up until that point; just keeping with the wings, not letting them have too many shots. Yeah great, Detroit hasn't had much of a look at Kiprusoff (not including the two posts which would have made it an entirely different game), but the Flames haven't played well and they are not doing anything. Points count in October as much as they count in February, and I know it is only the third game, but show me something.



In the first three games of the 06-07 Season he had a GAA of 2.69 and a Save % of 0.886 with a 2-1 record. After 10 games he was 3-6-1 with a 2.82 and a Save % of 0.908. Not stellar numbers, but again he's "rusty to start the season".

After three games this year, he's 0-2-1 and sports a 3.60 GAA and a 0.871 Save %. That's not rusty. That's awful. Now obviously it isn't all his fault, but ... he and Iginla had better show up to lead this team and the time to do that would be now. He had a shutout in his fourth game last year, and it would go along way if he managed to repeat that on Friday.
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October 11, 2007 6:09 PM ET | Delete
Funny thing sirwin, I thought changing from Playfair to Keenan would actually get the Flames to play different, so far they look pretty much like last years team.
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