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"The Future is now!"
Ontario, ON • Canada • 45 Years Old • Male
Special teams:

PK - F
PP - F

5 on 5

5 on 5 goal production -B+

Defense - F

Goaltending - C


Youth - A+
Player Development- A+

Coaching - F

Top 6 goal scorers - A

Big question for the Leafs are they going to get a a big bodied top line forward?

Is Lupel going to be that guy?

Is Kulemin going to be that guy?

The wild card in this evaluation is who will develop to an elite player and who will peter out in my opinion both Lupel and Kulemin will become superstars soon as they play a solid two way game are fast and big bodied.

The good thing is that players like Kulemin, Grabovski, Schenn, Aulie, Kessel, all have a great deal of potential and they showed how well they are improving.

Lupel in a short time has showed that he has the potential to get back to 30 goals and the large body that he is helped Kessel, and Phaneuf get the time and space that they need to get some more performance.

McArthur was a solid pick up and a sure bet to be back in the top 6 his goal and point production has gone up each year and maybe if he can get a multi year deal he may be up to 30 goals next year.

Bozak is trade bait he is invisible and should never have been used on the top line.
Sjostrom a great skater but nothing much else.

Crabb, Brent, Boyce are a great trio for the bottom six and I think they'll be back.

Brown and Orr are signed for years to come so I don't expect them to be moved.

If Burke makes no changes to the team I still think that next year this team is a top 7 team but the one change that needs to happen is to get a new coach!
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