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Given my relative age the guys I saw play over the years or read about that really showed me toughness were the following guys:

1. Wendel Clark - he could score lead and fight the best all around player.

2. Doug Gilmour- he would never back down never give up never allowed himself to be beat up.

3. Darryl Sittler- he could score fight and lead both by example and leadership.

4. Tiger Williams- he would fight and fight and fight to protect his teammates but he could score as well.

5. Tim Horton - Solid dman of his era tough as nails and never gave up.

6. Darcy Tucker - Small man playing a big man role he could score in all kinds of situations and would finish every check big accomplishment from a 170 lbs under six foot player.

7. Red Horner retired as the Leading all time Penalty leader in the NHL and led the Toronto Maple Leafs to their first Stanley Cup as Captain of the Maple Leafs a title he held until he retired as the most revered Maple Leaf of his day.

8. Bobby Baun was small but a power source he scored an overtime winning goal with a broken leg. In the end like so many Leafs he was treated like a dog by Punch.

9. Tie Domi a solid fighter again small in stature but huge player protection a solid performer for years.

10. Gary Roberts was solid point performer and true Maple Leaf he fought through adversity and would fight anyone who stood in his way.
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Nice post.. nice to see Leafs fans are on the same wavelength.
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