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"Who's going to break the Leafs lineup this year?"
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I have seen this guy skate circles figure 8s avoid checks percipitosly but the final straw was today when he showed no pugnacity, no intensity, no emotion, no balls whatsoever they can't trade this guy soon enough but benching him would be a start.

Along with his lame play it was equal to watch the undisciplined Andropov to take a really stupid penalty but at the same time look completely unnattatched to the game for a few shifts. I don't know what motivates him but being a hockey player is attention to detail and self discipline.

Kubina the other knob took 2 really stupid penalties and of course Finger a true hardworking blue collar type was the guy who was given a bogus penalty when Ruttu took a dive.

And finally the NHL officiating is the worst in all known pro sports Spezza clearly speared Moore and gets an offsetting slash penalty???????? That should have been a major penalty and a misconduct...I wonder if Moore speared Spezza would the NHL have to protect Spezza again...This League is such a bush League with the dwarf running it from below the 49th parallel.

But the officials will call a spear a slash a dive a penalty to the other team and then they should call themselves Gary Bettman peeps as they are as stupid and lame as him.

I stated in a blog more than a year ago the US was in an economic dive and in that dive NHL teams would not survive Phoenix, TBay, Panthers, Nashville, Buffalo, Carolina mark my words there are going to be teams that fold and move nowhere because mini me decided Ballsilie should stay below the 49th parallel instead the Richard head somehow clears a fraud ridden owner financed by questionable sources sanctioned by the little guy.

Doesn't anyone smell the mouse sh!t from this guy I am waiting for an anti trust suit to come against I for one am writing to the US describing the situation because for a League that "thouroughly does background checks" they not only turned a blind eye they also were mutes through the whole process.

Did I say I really dislike the leadership of GB yet?

Change is gonna come weather GB likes it or not

Happy 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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