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Tonight marks a chance for the Buffalo Sabres to try and get back on track. Ryan Miller will be back in net tonight. If he plays like the Ryan Miller of old the Sabres could steal one tonight and lift the burden of this road losing streak off their backs.

Now Miller can play as well as he wants but the forwards and the defense need to give him the support he needs. They need to play as a unit. They need to break out cleanly and quickly, not this lollygagging lack of urgency they have showed us for the last few months. The defense needs to press, not back up and surrender the zone to their opponents.

I still think some changes need to be made to the teams roster and possibly its coaching staff, but tonight could mark a chance to start to turn it around. The Red Wings are riding high at home. They're one win away from setting a franchise record home winning streak. If the Sabres can walk into Detroit's house and snap that win streak it would be a huge momentum builder. Heavens knows this team needs one.

Play smart, play strong, and play with passion. It won't be easy, but thats what the Sabres need to do to get a victory tonight.
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July 13, 2020 2:14 AM ET | Delete
My friend and I wish you all the very best for the Buffalo Sabres to play the match very well. Please don't make your fans upset. the page here This is your last chance to cheer up your fans and we hope that you can do it.
June 8, 2021 2:45 PM ET | Delete
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