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Needless to say, Ferguson has left one hell of a mess in Toronto. Currently, Toronto has about 49.8 Million dollars committed to players, with about .7 million dollars left in Cap space. However, for next season, there are 19 players signed to 44 million dollars. Assuming that the cap goes up to 53 million, we will have 9 million left to ATTEMPT to get back, Sundin, Steen, Stajan, Wellwood, Belak, Pohl.

If we can assume that Sundin will come back next year, he will eat up about 5-6 million dollars alone. 3 million dollars will not bring you 5 more effective men for the roster. That is why Cliff Fletcher must make some major deals, either at the trade deadline or during the off-season.

Then Say, If Sundin, Kubina, McCabe, Tucker and Raycroft are moved or traded for younger prospects, we suddenly have about 30 Million dollars left in Salary cap. Call up some Marlies to fill the roster, and Suddenly, we have a flexible light Cap, with the availability to bring in a superstar.

That is how we rebuild a team like the Toronto maple leafs.
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