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With all the trade speculation going on with Mats Sundin and Bryan McCabe along with others, it seems as if Toronto has forgotten about the younger players on the team. Last night, Steen and the Maple Leafs have agreed on a two year contract worth 3.4 million dollars.

I say, bravo Cliff Fletcher. Thank God that Ferguson was not around to make this extension instead. He would have probably given him twice the amount and slapped along a NTC with it. Steen is a young player who I believe can hit the 30 goal mark if given enough icetime, and will be key part of this "rebuilding" process. If he puts up the numbers next season, he might be an extremely valuable bargaining chip for trading. Either way, this was a great signing by Cliff, giving him the right amount of money, for the right number of seasons

Lets see if he will prove me wrong

P.S. T minus 3 days until the trade deadline, I bet Fletcher wanted to get this out of the way before pulling of a blockbuster trade
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