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On Pace For....

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Assuming that everyone's win-loss-otL-soL ratio stays the same, I took the time to calculate how many points everyone will have by the end of the season.

Eastern Conference
Montreal Canadiens 100 Points
Pittsburgh Penguins- 100 Points
Ottawa Senators- 97 Points
New York Rangers- 96 Points
Boston Bruins- 95 Points
Philadelphia Flyers- 92 Points
Buffalo Sabres- 88 Points
Washington Capitals-84 Points
Florida Panthers-83 Points
New York Islanders-83 Points
Toronto Maple Leafs-80 Points
Atlanta Thrashers-79 Points
Tampa Bay Lightning-71 Points

Western Conference
Detroit Red Wings- 114 Points
San Jose Sharks- 105 Points
Minnesota Wild- 95 Points
Dallas Stars- 104 Points
Anaheim Ducks-98 Points
Calgary Flames- 96 Points
Colorado Avalanche- 94 Points
Vancouver Canucks- 94 Points
Nashville Predators- 91 Points
Phoenix Coyotes- 88 Points
Chicago Blackhawks-88 Points
Columbus Blue Jackets- 85 Points
Edmonton Oilers- 84 Points
St.Louis Blues- 82 Points
LA Kings- 69 Points

Now, Keep in mind that these numbers are mathematical predictions...Teams who've been on a roll lately might score higher, some teams that've been doing poorly, will score less than predicted. Let me know what you think
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March 11, 2008 3:13 PM ET | Delete
I think thats pretty accurate as far as who will make the playoffs. I personally agree with Jonesy and I feel Boston will be out and Buffalo gets in for the East. As for the West, I don't think anyone not currently in the playoffs will make it.
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