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"Sabres Win Cup!"
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Throughout the season, the Sabres haven’t done had much to criticize. One characteristic about their play that has popped up from time to time is that at times they tend to play too cute.

It hasn’t been uncommon to see “the extra pass” from Vanek… after you just saw “the extra pass” from Roy. They are just not a team who likes to pepper the opposing goalie with low percentage shots. They’re patient. They wait… they look for the open man.

At times over the course of the year this tendency has been maddening. At times it has been exhilarating and downright beautiful hockey. When it comes to the playoffs, I think this skill will prove to be a significant advantage in the playoffs.

How many times have we seen a hot goalie carry a team on a playoff run? It seems like every dam year!

The Sabres advantage comes in that “the extra pass” many times makes the goalie irrelevant in the play. When the Sabres are clicking in this way, it really doesn’t matter who the goalie is or how hot he is. The net just sits there yawning and the goalie doesn’t really have a chance.

In addition, these types of plays prevent said goalie from getting on a roll in the first place.
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The Sabres are real good at taking their time and it usually pays off well for them.
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