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"Sabres Win Cup!"
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Game tonight versus #23 and the Rangers. Interestingly, Drury has the worst plus / minus on the Rangers, and is 4th on the team in scoring. Talk radio this week was all about how the Rangers were apparently disappointed with Drury so far. Of course, they probably don't realize that the little man only scores when it matters or they're in the playoffs (see his Antonym, Miro "Empty Net" Satan for the inverse of this phenomenon), so it's a little soon to write the verdict on his time there.

Let's see, no Drury, no Briere. Gone gone. No Roy, Connolly, or Afinogenov (Injured, injured, feigning injury for overall good of team). On the plus side Mr. Campbell will now be officially playing every shift like it's going to be worth another $81,000 in his new free agent contract this summer, so expect lots of spin-o-ramas in front of the Ranger's owners box, slap shots from center ice, and skating back around behind the Islanders net with the puck as Soupy waits for his teammates to eventually gain the blue line and join him. (Stafford: "Hey, is that Soupy behind their net with the puck again?" Vanek: "Aach. Vee hud butter skate up icink. Soopy! Ve are comink! Vait for us!" Spacek: "Grunkok von Schpletnukink puck dank! Grunkok puck!"

Should be lots of fun to watch. Lots.
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Everyone knows what Chis can do. He's already scored a few big goals for us. He's top 5 in the league in jersey sales, I think New Yorkers like # 23 just fine.
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