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"Sabres Win Cup!"
Lancaster, NY • United States • 36 Years Old • Male
Sabres Fans... Join the hometeamhockey.com fantasy league. Below is a short description from the site's creator. I've participated for the past few "divisions" and really enjoy it. Give it a try.

Fantasy Hockey for the Home Town Fan. Why a fantasy league with just one team? My thinking is this: I like Fantasy sports, but I don't have the time to follow a 30 team league across three time zones just to have a chance of winning something.

I already follow the Sabres. I watch some games, listen to a little sports radio, read the occasional news article, that sort of thing. So, I thought, all I need is a set of rules that lets me play fantasy hockey with just my team.

Fantasy hockey with the team you already know. That, in a nut shell, is the idea behind this site.

Click on "Rules Overview" and the "FAQ'S" above if you want to read more about how the game works, or click on the "Play the Demo" module to do a walk through of what the game looks and plays like.
It's fun and easy to play. Bid deadline for the first 20 game division is Thursday. October 5!


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Fantasy groups are ranked from first to last in each statistical category. Points are then presented to the pinnacle ranked group at every man or woman class, ERP Software UAE and then the one's points are added up to determine the general standings of the league. The crew with the most factors on the quit of the NHL season wins the league.
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