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"Sabres Win Cup!"
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A few weeks ago (maybe even a few moths ago), Eklund floated a rumor out there about the possibility of Michael Peca returning to the Sabres. When I read it back then, I immediately dismissed it as nonsense (no offense Ek!).

Now however, looking through the lens of the Sabres current situation (which doesn’t looks so rosy), Peca seems like a very good option for 3rd line center.

We all remember Peca. He was to Buffalo what Drury has become. The hard-working, all-around “hockey player’s” hockey player. (that’s the second time I used that term in my blog but hey… I like it!). He does the little things, kills penalties, brings it every night and provides that coveted veteran leadership.

If you listened to the Darcy, Lindy and Larry press conference, Peca seems like just what the doctor ordered!

The icing on the cake… This signing could be a nice “PR coup” to ease the fan grumbling from losing our captains AND he’ll come pretty cheap. I would guess $2million or so.

Here’s a look at possible line combinations with Captain Crunch back on board:
Kotalik – Connolly – Pommer
Vanek – Roy – Afinegenov
Hecht – Peca – Stafford
Mair – Goose – Paille

That third line looks like something much better suited for playing a bit of defensive hockey in the playoffs next year don’t you think?

If you’re still skeptical about this, check out today’s entry from Maple Leaf blogger Howard Berger… then let me know what you think!

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June 27, 2007 11:56 AM ET | Delete
not a bad idea. but we need atleast one of our captains back this year, and it will be briere! hate to see drury go, but he wants to much money and a year long tan... west coast it is! Peca could easily step into most of drurys role... on the pk most importantly. They are two identical players, just one being peca can be had for a lot less money! not to mention hes not a bad checker either, which we oh so need! Sign him up Darcy!
June 27, 2007 1:26 PM ET | Delete
I just don't understand why Peca would leave the Leafs to join Buffalo and be in the same situation as from what he is leaving. Buffalo has a butt load of talent, oh so much younger than Peca is, so there would be no way he would see time on the PP. He wants to be of a more of an impact player like in Edmonton. If Toronto can't give it to him, I truly can't see Buffalo being it.
June 27, 2007 1:59 PM ET | Delete
But Buffalo would/could be in need of his kind of stature if/when Drury leaves. He would be a great fit for the third line. Question is whether his knee will hold up a full season or not.
June 27, 2007 2:14 PM ET | Delete
there is no doubt, he will be an islander. Nolan is there and there no bad blood with him on long Island
June 28, 2007 12:40 AM ET | Delete
Peca would be a great fit but are we forgetting that regier was the one who basically forced Peca out of town with the Sabres? I wonder if they have any hard feelings towards each other? If that has fallen by the waste side then I'm all for it. He would bring something Buffalo would lack if they lose Drury. A great dot man, a tenacious penalty killer and one heck of a leader on the Ice. The thing is I don't think he would be great for the dressing room though. He left his teamates hanging by sitting out the entire 2000-2001 season while he was under contract. He was given plenty of chances to come back but decided against it. Now I'm not saying he was solely to blame but If he was the great leader he was supposed to be he would have gone out
June 28, 2007 9:43 PM ET | Delete
haha peca and drury identical thats funny...leafs and sabres even remotely close thats funny...kotalik on the first line thats idiotic
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