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This by far maybe the biggest week in the history of the Sabres franchise in the post lockout era. Drury or Briere? Which one do you want because you can only have one? Does Chris Drury return back to colorado to where he started his career? Does he go home to California and reunite with his best friend Mike Grier? Where does Briere go? Big big questions surrounding the franchise.

Where does your confidence lie within Darcys nagotiating skills. Hes never allowed him self to become intimidated by any player weither it was Peca, Dumont or Briere(hasek was a big exception). Im not going to lie and say that i think neither of the two will return. Since the game 5 loss to ottawa no progress has been made in returning one of the two and very little progress has been made since the beginning of the year when the franchise said these are our two most important players. This message may haunt the sabres franchise for years to come. If you dont pony up the money and pay one of thses guys what does that make Ryan Smyth think about joining the sabres as well as other UFA's who might consider coming to Buffalo. Most importantly though what does it make Ryan Miller think when he becomes a UFA? Signing one of the Captians will go down in history as one of the biggest moves by the franchise right next to the deals for Lafontaine, Hasek and both of the captains.

Thanx to all the sent Responces to my last blog its apprechiated. another idea could be put out 3 A's and Ryan Miller can be your outspoken leader. i dont see many players on the team that are captian portntial. Give and A to Tallinder,Max and hecht all good players that all have been around for a while. I'm probably going to get alot of heat for this but after all this UFA mess is finished i would like to see the sabres lock up Hecht. I know many people are not thrilled with his play but this guy goes out and always gives you 100%. hes very solid defensively and solid offensively. Hes a great fit in the locker room and for this team.

Finnally. Who do you want the sabres to go out and get via trade or a signing

1. Drury or Briere (or as WGR has labeled them Driere)
2. M. Peca (nice but doubtful)
3. S. Hannan (solid solid Dman)
4. S. Hnidy (Defensive dman great shot blocker)
5. T. Hunter (big strong mean player good hands)
6. B. May (better and smarter then Peters)

Let the debate begin comments welcome........
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June 25, 2007 4:26 PM ET | Delete
I would love to sign Hannan.
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