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Its Miller Time!

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With the news that Ryan Miller has signed for a 5 yr deal i am sitting here excited for the upcoming season. people all over town have been going Enroth this Enroth that saying that we have no chance to sign miller, hes good as gone. Well to those people shame on you! hes here for 5 more years after this one at a reasonable 6.25 a year. Miller is smart to resign here because he will
A probably have his number retired.
B have a voice equivalent to Drury when he was here and will be allowed to have a say in what kind of players he would like the team to have.
C the fans will probably let him get away with more than most players than they would in a different city where he is not as beloved.

This signing is huge for the landscape of the Sabres because i believe you need 2 things in hockey. A Coach and we have that in Lindy Ruff. and a Goalie and now ours is locked up for the next 6 yrs.
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