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As the first week comes to a close in sabres nation Post DB (Drury & Briere) Sabres fans had had to look inside them selfs to see where they stand with this team. The article written by eklund earlier was some good reading i hope all of you sabre fans have a chance to read it. All the points that were brought up were all good points. The Sabres are not dead in the water. They are not like the Islanders. There is still plenty of talent here. Theres still of talent that has not reached its full potential. By no way am i saying that Tim Connolly, Drew Stafford and Thomas Vanek are going to replace Chris Drury and Danny Briere. Youd be hard presssed to find players that could replace those two. People can still be comfortable with the players we got.

People are worried that this "team" is not going to be as compeitive as the team that we had last year. That may be true but the team that we had last year didnt end up winning or even going to the Stanley Cup. The core is still here. Change wont hurt, there are plenty of players that would fit into this system. As Eklund said we got a coach and we got a goalie 2 great starting points.

Give the management of the Sabres credit. When they dropped the ball they came out to face the music. Maybe next time they decide to have a presser there should be a meeting before so when one persons saying one thing when the other person is saying the complete opposite it may actually give fans hope. Also when the press asks do you think you will be still be as competative as last year please PLEASE dont tell me that you think we wont be.

Fans dont worry, remember these facts when comparing the looses of the sabres this week to the gains of the flyers.

1. Danny Briere will not be skateing for the sabres in 2016 as he will for the flyers making and average cap hit of 6.5 mill a year.

2. The Sabres will still be better then the Flyers this year

3. Jagr is Breaking down and may not have Shanny to protect him from the press this year when he screws up

4. The Sabres have fans second to none in the league and that can carry a team

5. Life will go one in SABRE NATION!!
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