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Sitting up in the 300 level for a sabres game at the HSBC arena lets you see everything. When Richard Zednik was hit in the neck with a skate out of the corner of my eye i caught Ryan Miller and Brian Campbell waving there hands and what looked like them to be yelling their heads off for a trainer to get to Zednik ASAP. Earlier in the night Miller had called for the referees attention for another Florida Panther down who had been struck with a puck in frount of the Sabre net. At first many people did not know that his neck had been slashed. from where i looked we all thought his nose broke because the blood stain looked like it was on the glass. I have no idea how he had the strenght to skate to the bench because it could have been much worse if he would have just fell to the ice.

The Buffalo trainer immediatly jumped on the ice and about 2 minutes later the gurney was rushed from the zamboni entrance and and the drs where in the dressing room. The arena was dead silent and everyone was worried. looking down on the ice everyone was rushing linesmen and officials were going behind the benches and in the zamboni entrance trying to find out any information to pass on and to make sure that everything was being taking care off. About 15 minutes after this all began over the P.A System it was announced that Richard Zednik was stable and on his way to the hospital and everyone stood up and gave a standing ovation.

Great work to all the officials trainers and everyone on the ice for getting attention to Zednik as quick as they did. it could have saved his life. Hopes a and Prayers to Richard Zednik and hopefully this has the ending he deserves.
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