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"Sabres fan for life!"
Tonawanda, NY • United States •
As i look on the TV and see #23 in red and white i get frustrated to think about 12 months ago when he agreed to 5.3 mill a year. It frustrates me because this team is soft. Last years was soft as well but this team is beyond soft. from the management to the players this team is a shell of what it used to be. They can beat the trap and they cant play defence. Way to many giveaways in theie own end. This team got to confident in it self and they are still confident in them selves. the comments a few weeks ago made by the o so wise Larry Quinn comparing the players on this team to the likes of Spezza, Alfredson and Heatley pushed many people to the edge. How could a team so ahead pre lock out be behind just 2 years into the "new NHL"

its incompetence from the top to the bottom. Not singing the right guys, Resigning the wrong ones. This week was a great example of that by not locking up Campbell to an extension. Rumors and floated before the season 5 for 5=25 would have done it and right now that looks like a steal for him. kinda reminds you of 5.3 a year. Sounds alot like not keeping Dumont over Kotalik. Sounds alot like not signing Briere to a long extension. if Drury was on this team right now we would mot be in the problem we are in right now. Unfortunitly we do not have a leader in this room and no one to rally the troops.

Why is it when a key player becomes available the Sabres names is not up on the list of possabilities. this team needs help in the back the #1 d-pair of lydman and Tallinder is not #1 pairing any more. we have trouble getting out of our zone we cant combat the trap and we cant score our way out of it so if were down in the 3rd the games almost over.

In the span of 7 years this team has come from a team that was filled with good players EX: peca, Hasek, Andreychuk, Gilmour, Zhitnik, Barnes that was a good team and it could have gone far. in that span the team went to near extinction to greatness and now we are back on our way to the bottom and only because of the inability for the mnagement to get with the times and do what is necessary to keep this team competative like what the Detroit Red Wings do.

By no means am i saying that i am done with this team. i am a season ticket holder and have been since the 05-06 season when i was 18 years old. Its frustrating to watch these things happening and im sure we all can agree.i hope that they get their act together and get with the times. Im sure i will get lots of greff for what i have said and maybe its well deserved but im sure there are lots of you who feel the same way i do.....
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