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Tonawanda, NY • United States •
Thomas Vanek will be in a Buffalo uni for the next 7 years and the deal was a must if your Larry Quinn and the Sabres Management. It would have been a PR nightmare at games neat year if you had to come off loosing you 3 best forwards. Is he worth the money only time will tell. If the Sabres had signed vanek to a 2 or 3 year deal vanek would have recieved probably a 8 mill a year contract by the time he was a free agent. In the long run this signing could help the sabres within the locker room and outside of it. Speculation had been going on that the Sabres are not willing to spend money on their own so why would they go outside to bring someone in with big money value. This deal should stop that talk dead in its tracks. With this contract Thomas Vanek now has to put up. last year was nice but your getting paid the big bucks. His name was braught up with thel ikes of Crosby, Malkin, Ovechkin and rightfully so. but now you need to earn your money and everything will be just fine.
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