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With the past few weeks the NHL has seen some outragious signings. There have been questions about how healthy is the NHL and is the new CBA working? We will know the answer about the CBA next year if the salary cap stays around the same and the teams that spent alot of money with long term contracts(Flyers, Avalanche) will not have the cap space to spend next year. Explain to me why the NHL was locked out for a full season. Wasn't it because Players were getting paid way to much? So the fans loose out for a year and Danny Briere walks away with 52 mill. Possible resolutions include a limit to possible RFA signings like the one involveing Vanek this week. Make the age 25 to recieve a possible RFA offer sheet and make 27 or 28 the age you can become a UFA. Thomas Vanek is a fantastic young player in this league but in no way should he be recieveing 7 mill a year. It is also unfair to all teams that RFA's can be plucked from your team at a contracts end. If you draft well you should be rewarded with a player for 5-10 years. For the RFA's make the most a players contract could be at is 12% or 13% of the entire salary cap which would in this years cap be around 6,032 or 6,539 mill a year. these ideas may not be perfect but im just throwing some ideas out there to make a better healthier NHL.
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July 9, 2007 9:11 PM ET | Delete
I was just speaking with one of my buds about this. You and I have come to almost the same conclusion. RFA's should be limited to smaller contracts. I just don't understand how a player that has only played a couple of season in the NHL can get such an inflated contract. Looks like I wont be able to afford to go to see games in a few years. These kind of contracts will raise ticket prices and in a few years we'll see another lockout. Great job NHL!
July 10, 2007 12:28 AM ET | Delete
The NHL was locked out so the owners could get a guaranteed cut of revenues, bring the NHLPA to bay and get rid of Bob Goodenow. The NHL doesn't give a rat's posterior about it's fans, so long as you keep buying tickets and sweaters. The cap is based on revenues, and as they rise, so does the salary cap. You want the cap to stay where it's at? Don't go to games or buy that new sweater.
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