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Penner an Oiler

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Well its finally done I have been waiting for a week to finally see if the 245 pound power forward from portage (30 minutes from where I am Winnipeg) would finally become an oiler. I didn't think Burke would match the offer from the oilers but lets just say I was sitting on edge for the last week. You never know what can happen and what other teams are thinking. I'm glad the oilers have got Penner but I also think it was a high price to pay for him.

With the oil I think they get a Bertuzzi like power forward something they have been lacking for yearssince the Arnott Guerin days. Something that is even a little brighter is that Penner is a freshman coming off a rookie season, the kid can only get better. He's in the prime of his career and should steadily improve his game. I have heard that he will be playing on a team that lacks as much skill as the ducks in overall skill yeah most likely, but Penner will be playing on the Number one line with Hemsky for sure with either (Horcoff, Stoll) at center. Not exactly the worst situation for him to be in. The kid is sure to get alot or PP time and his is time will dramatically rise from the 13 plus minutes he was getting with the ducks.

As for Penners salary well you pay for what you get. There was no way that edmonton could have got a talent with Penners potential without over paying abit. That being said I looked at some other players that were makeing 4.25 million and the big guy wasn't at the bottom of the list. Bobby Holik make 4.25, Satan 4.25, modano, 4.25, Norstrom 4.25 and Kaberle 4.25. Dont get me wrong I dont believe he is at the top of this list but for what he is done and what he has potential to become I'd rather pay Penner the 4.25 than Holik or Modano who's carreers look to be over. Only time will tell if Lowe made the right decision here but it was gutsy and for now I like it.

As for the Ducks I think they were compensated more then fairly. A first second and third rounder is not only good trade bait for later in the season if they feel an upgrade is nessesary, but also makes there organizational depth that much more. All the talk about next year being a good draft year and that John Taveras could maybe be in it looks very appealing if i'm Burke. Lets face it edmonton isn't my favorite to secure a playoff spot this year so the ducks draft pick may be a top 5 so you never know what could be returned to them.

What I dont understand is how they couldn't afford to keep Ryan Symth when they have all this money to spend now. I like Penner but Ryan was a heart and soul guy who put up numbers every year. He could have been kept under the oilers cap and Penner would have been an oiler as well.

It will be entertaining at the least to see what Burke has to say and how Lowe will react. Its like an off ice soap.
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August 3, 2007 12:21 AM ET | Delete
I think Penner will be a big part of the Oilers future. He immediately replaces what Smyth brought to the table, but in a more Bertuzzi-like way. All this talk of offer sheets brings back bad memories though. From one Winnipegger to another, remember when the Flames signed Selanne to an offer sheet, followed by the Hawks signing Tkachuk to an offer sheet? those were harsh times.
August 3, 2007 3:21 AM ET | Delete
yeah and no one cared because it was Winnipeg. Anywhere else and it would have made the headlines.
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