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I have heard many rumors on this site that the Oilers are not done making a splash, and are still looking to make a block-buster trade to bring in a #1 Center to play along Hemsky and Penner if that happens to be the #1 Line. The rumor is that the Oilers are willing to trade some defence to obtain a little offence. When I look at the Oilers defencemen I dont see any top nhl caliber d-men. Souray is their best offensive threat probably then followed buy Tarnstrom or Pitkinen. Staios is a Jason Smith type player, more of a shutdown stay at home guy.

As for Pitkinin I dont see him being moved at all. Kevin Lowe has had a hard on for this guy for 2 years now and gave up their long time captain and the main ingredient in the pronger trade for this guy. So he aint going anywhere.

Then there is Souray. He was a free agent much longer then anyone expected and signed long term with the Oilers. Seemed to me no one wanted him for the amount of money Lowe gave him. He could have certainly been picked up earlier if he was such a hot commodity so I really dont see him being part of any trade involving the oilers.

Tarnstrom signed a contract from europe to return to edmonton so I think it is safe to say that he may be out of the question for a trade. He is an Offencive d-man that is physical with veterab smarts. A huge reason the oils made their cup run a few years ago.

That leaves me only with Staios this guy is a long standing Oiler but it seems like Kevin really wants to stir the pot so why not move Staios? He has already moved Smith, so to me it looks like he wants to go with a more offensive blueline.

Now my problem with this rumor of staios going in a trade is he is not a number 1 defencmen. I would go on a limb to say he is maybe 4-5 on any teams depth chart. needless to say edmonton is looking for a #1 center so they are really going to have to spruce up the deal. Now they could throw Horcoff in the mix but now comes the problem you have just traded away your #1 Center on your team, who can take his place? Well Stoll is amazing and he could in a heart beat but now who takes his spot? Rob Schremp, maybe he is unproven and coming off a major injury from last season where he had a so-so year in the AHL.

You have Marty Reasoner, who is a third liner at best probably more of a 4th line center. Marc-Antoine Pouliot , who is a promising talent and played well in junior with crosby. The only option Lowe has is to go with some unproven talent. As an oilers fan I would love to see it happen. the problem is there is too many Centers. Cogliano is a Center and he isnt going anywhere. He most likely wont play this year but you also have Pouliot, shremp and reasoner. I have a feeling that Shremp may be the odd man out in Edmonton. The only reason I say this is because he is very cocky hasn't made a huge imapct in the AHL and also has a serious injury. Also MacT is a stickler for defence and Shremp doesnt know how to play in his own end.

With Cogliano emerging I see the oilers package shremp in with say staios and Horcoff for say a number 1 center and a draft pick or two. maybe a second and third rounder. Who would the Center be though the Oilers get? my brain is working into OT here could it be Lecavelier, Savard or Bergeron. Elias maybe I dont know but one thing I do know is that the oilers need a #1 Center and quick
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