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I have been posting this question on other oilers blogs that I have seen recently. I just do not understand why Kevin Lowe and MacT dont play their young talened players more then they do. When I look around the NHL and see teams like Chicago, Buffalo, Anaheim, L.A and many others giving their young players a shot at the big show and the oilers ignoring theirs leaving them in the AHL or Juniors when the players could help the team right now it bothers me.

I know the whole letting them develope statement, and trust me I do believe some players need to play in an inferior league to make them feel good enough about there game so they can take the step up to the NHL. My main issue here is a player like Cogliano (who is a year older then Toews and the same age as crosby) can't play for edmonton but the Black Hawks are gung ho about Toews playing for their team this year. I think that he needs to earn his spot on the team but Mact has said that he wants to play this kind all season in the AHL. Now this could just be a test or plan to keep his ego in straight but if they dont give this kid a shot I'll be dissapointed as an oilers fan. I want the oilers to be like the sabres (giving the young guys a chance to play). I dont want to see another Peter Nedved or some other wash up to come in to Oil town and take a spot from one of our young guys.

If I had it my way I would put Cogs centering a line of Penner and Hemsky. and trade Horcoff for a number 1 center. They have alot of young depth at the center position right now so trading a guy like horcoff for a bonified #1 the oilers could easily bring up cogs, shremp, or Pouliot to take his spot. Even if you didnt put him on the number 1 line you could put him on the second with say nillson and someone else. I think that some of the older players need to be traded to give the new guys a shot. what do you think?
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I absolutely agree!! The Oil should be playing their young talent so they can develop. We have such great talent waiting to make a name for themselves in the NHL (Shremp, Cog, Nilsson, O'mara (Eventually).That is the only way we can see how good or not they are or can become.
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I think this year you will get your wish as a lot of these guys are pretty talented, Shremp is one guy who's offense alone is worth having. They might make a difference, I personally don't think edmonton is a 2nd last team like I read in a forecaster magazine today because of their young talent. I'm am looking forward to seeing the battle this year!
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robert nilsson should be played before cogliano should. i know that cogliano is talented, but nilsson is dynamic! every shift on the ice last year he made something happen. hell...one game near the end i think second or third last, he was our best player.
August 20, 2007 10:08 PM ET | Delete
nilsson is going to get his opportunity this year. i think the organization didn't play the young forwards last year because staios and smith were running a day care on the back end.
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