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"Go With The Flo"
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Breaking Bad

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As soon as Toni Rajala told Craig MacTavish that Gus dies at the end of Season 4, the writing was on the wall.

I mean, it's the sort of thing you just don't do. You're a talent with tremendous upside, but you're also 163 pounds. 163! You're already on the bubble, at best. And then you go and blab about Walt poisoning that kid when he swore to Jesse that he didn't. The plant was in his back yard! Can you believe that?

Poor MacT was still early in season 2, and just hadn't gotten around to catching up. He had meant to; but it's been a whirlwind year for the rookie GM, and he hasn't felt like being cooped up inside all day. He was really hoping to save the series for those long, lonely road trips, on his trusty MacBook. But alas. Sure, he can still watch them...but it's just not the same as genuine surprise and shock.

You go to all the trouble to score over a point per game in the AHL, and then you talk about how Walt just lets Jesse's girlfriend die after she was so mean to him. To your boss. Who's still on season 2. Grapes the size of grapefruits.

High risk/high reward, that's how Toni Rajala lives his life. On the edge, never a dull moment. People still haven't figured out if your height is exaggerated by 1 inch or 2, and you're out the door because you spilled the beans about Walt's cancer coming back.

It's just bad business. Don't tell a cantankerous old Scot that Walt becomes so badass that he kills Mike, not to mention arranges hits on a bunch of guys. If you do, expect consequences. Because if your play on the ice is good enough, who cares what else you do, right? Who cares how big you are? All that matters is how good you are at hockey, as long as you don't spoil Breaking Bad for a few corporate suits. Otherwise, you may find yourself on a boat ride to Helsinki.

You may be Finnish, but don't give away the finish, or you're finished.
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