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Pazzy, Jackets Earn Win

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Well, last night I said tonight’s game was almost a must win game. You get two solid efforts at home versus two central division rivals, and have one game remaining at home (Canucks) before the all-star break. Tonight was a key win, Pazzy played good as usual. Russell is finding his form, and Methot has looked solid since he played with us last year.

Brassard’s play is very smart. He’s already making solid passes, and he’s also manning the point along with Hainsey on the PP. Zherdev is playing the best hockey of his career. Jiri Novotny, man does this guy ever work or what? Our momentum line.. Chimera-Malhotra-Fritsche. What can I say.. when that line is together they are one of the hardest working lines in the league.

Now, we’re on the road again. At Phoenix, Dallas, Colorado, Dallas, and Chicago. Five key games, all four of those teams are very well in the playoff race. I would at least want to see us take 6 of those possible 10 points. 7 or 8 points would be nice, but I’ll take 6.

Hopefully we can stay healthy and we keep playing like we have been the past three games. This is gonna be the hardest part of the schedule yet, let's see how the boys take it.

Watching the Atlanta and Detroit highlights. Man, that Osgood, he’s an all-star, huh? But that Pascal kid, you know, in Columbus, he doesn’t deserve to go to Atlanta in a week or two.

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January 16, 2008 5:21 PM ET | Delete
3 out of 5 seems reasonable anthing more than that is a bonus.
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