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Solid Road Trip

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Finishing with 3 wins and 2 losses. Could have been two wins, with three losses. Or four wins and one loss. But, we finished 3-2. Winning two in a row, and both could have just as easily been losses.

Ugly games.. you gotta win them. Unless you don’t wanna make the playoffs. If you don’t wanna make the playoffs, lose the ugly games, I don’t care. The Jackets are maturing more and more every game it seems like. Last year, or any other year for that matter, the Jackets would have lost the last game in Dallas and would have blown tonights lead. We held on to win an ugly game. Once again, win ugly games, and you are more likely to make the playoffs.

The confidence level of this team right now is as high as it has ever been. Everyone is trying, not just one or two lines. Everyone person is playing hockey. No one is slacking except maybe in the goal scoring department, but play Hitch’s game and the goals will come. Even if those “goals” just happen to be one. On some nights, it just might get the job done.

Leclaire stood out tonight. 30 saves, for his eighth shutout of the season. All-Star? Obviously not. Nice to see Boll score. He actually does have offensive talent. Re-direct goals aren’t the easiest thing in the world, unless your name is Thomas Holmstrom.

The boys should be happy about this road trip. They all should be smiling, except maybe Fritsche. This kid has as much heart as anyone else in the league, and you know it’s killing him just watching the game and not playing. Get well soon, Frits.

Looking forward to Nash potentially playing with Joe Thornton again in Atlanta here pretty soon. Those two played together in Europe during the lockout and, well, we know the story. They ran the league, to say the least. I guess that’s what happens when two of the best players in the world play together.

-Ryan McNamara
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January 25, 2008 8:51 AM ET | Delete
Good post Ryan--love these kind of wins...they are the type of games that we always found a way to lose in years past and even earlier this season. How about Leclaire? What a great game and he gets very little pub. Oh well, I guess keep it that way--it leaves him with something to prove. Unlike Legace who will be in Atlanta and has lost his lost 5 games, and is 16th in save percentage and 8th in GAA, while Leclaire is 2nd in GAA and tied for 1st in save percentage. What gives?
January 25, 2008 8:52 AM ET | Delete
Not to mention shutouts...! 8 in 31 games--wonder how long its been since a goalie has done that?
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