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Time to Move On

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The first person to tell you he is disappointed about not receiving the MVP award in the All-Star game will be Rick Nash. Yes, he had a hat trick, and you could certainly make the argument that all three were very nice goals.

The All-Star game is billed as a showcase of talent- the game's best players on the same stage for one night. Hockey fans cannot deny the entertainment factor put forth tonight. That does not even need discussed. Rick Nash had an outstanding game tonight, set a record, played with arguably the two best players in his conference and did not disappoint.

He set the record for fastest goal to start an All-Star game and got some overdue revenge on Tomas Vokoun. Same move that still has Chris Osgood spinning from last spring’s shootout win in Detroit. A sleek deke to the backhand that even the most agile of goaltenders can’t stop.

The resounding response to Eric Staal being named MVP is similar to that of Pascal Leclaire's omission. We hear the "snub" word, the "why not Nash" and "he got robbed." He didn't get robbed, per se. In fact, frankly, you could make a case for a handful of players that could have received the award. Evgeni Nabokov shutout the East in his period- when can you remember a goalie doing that? He stopped hometown sensation Ilya Kovalchuk point-blank twice in the final minute. The dude was good, real good.

This will provide Nash some motivation heading into the stretch run. He knows he should have won the award, but who are we as fans to criticize something we have no control over? At the end of the day, we know he is an amazing player, he was named a starter, and he was still the talk of the postgame shows for his performance. Rick Nash’s talent does not need pimped to the hockey world. Everyone knows how good he is, and the only way to solidify this stance is for him to lead his team into the postseason. Same goes for Pascal Leclaire.

No doubt it is disappointing, but we must move on. Lost in translation is the importance of what he has done so far for this team, and putting Columbus on the map. The Blue Jackets seem to be thrust into the NHL spotlight whenever his name comes up. Talking about Nash leads into talk of how this team has emerged this year, and what a great job Ken Hitchcock has done to resurrect a pitifully lost team.

Rick Nash needs no more props. He is a world class player, a stand up guy and outstanding teammate. None of these claims is debatable.

The second half of this season will be exciting. Fasten your seatbelts.

--Rob Mixer
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January 28, 2008 4:47 AM ET | Delete
Nash should have won MVP. Eric only got it because the East won and the East was hosting it.
January 28, 2008 12:08 PM ET | Delete
Winning and hosting team doesn't always get it though, Miller. Case in point, Nash's not being selected last year with his two goals and two assists. The game was played in Dallas and the West won the game. Briere got it with 1 goal and 4 assists. You should know that being a Sabres fan.Good article. Couldn't agree more, really. I think really, both being "snubbed" was actually a blessing in disguise - Leclaire is injury-prone. With his track record it wouldn't have been too surprising to see him go for some wacky save on Kovalchuk and tweak his knee or pull his groin. As for Nash - we all know he should've got it, but we can't do anything about it. Nash is a shy guy by nature, and I think he might be happy with not having that attention and watchful eye on him. It would be lot of pressure for him. And this also may push him to be that much stronger. Who knows.
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