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Jumpin' in the Tank

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With every passing year, the Blue Jackets miss the playoffs and I'm forced to shift my focus as a fan. Maybe I'm alone saying this, but I would much rather watch a playoff game with two random teams than watch a regular-season game featuring my own. The passion of each team fighting for the ultimate goal lights a fire in everyone, including myself. This year, I'm especially fond of the San Jose Sharks. They are the Webster's definition of "playoff team." The forwards are big, fast and skilled, the defense is stout and responsible and the goaltending is scary good. Add to that one of the best tacticians in the game behind the bench (Ron Wilson)- and you've got yourself a bonafide Stanley Cup contender. Some may argue that the Joe Thornton trade was historical, and I agree. To every extent of the word, the Sharks have benefited. The only knock on the Sharks right now is that they seem to disappear in spurts. Yet when they awake from their sleep, all four lines come in waves, producing one of the best overall offenses we've seen in some time. I'm personally not one to use the term "bandwagon," so I'll say that I'm jumping in the Sharks' tank. This is an extremely impressive, hard-working team and they've earned the right to play for the cup. The only offensive comparison to San Jose is Ottawa, and what a final series that would be.
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Go Wings! :)
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Gotta love the talent in the Sharks line-up, experience may prevail in this series though. Imagine the look on Steve Moore face if Todd Bertuzzi gets to raise the Stanley Cup over his head. I love Todd as a player and as a human but I don't think nothing will ever erase what happened March 8 2004.
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