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With all the hype us Hokeybuzzers have generated and with all the sleep lost, we awake to find no great presents under the tree. Just some socks and shirts that we knew we'd get anyways. Schneider to Anaheim isn't a big surprise but it does signify that Detroit now was some more cap room. Thorntons extension is just one more step away from soon-to-be former captain Marleau and into Chris "I always win" Drury. With the hottest rumour being Kariya possibly to Montreal (which could be a nice speedy fit) You just know that the big bombshells are still in the works. The Tom Poti signing is definitely not a bombshell by any means, nor does he drop bombs with his 6 goals of last year. But he definitely seems to have cashed in on the recent stock increase in offensive defenseman.

.........looks like Briere to the Flyers?

did not expect this at all. Phladelphia tends to like size and playoff grit, so this is a major surprise. Briere probably saw the young core of Richards, Carter, Umberger etc and thought he could be a great centerpiece like he was in Buffalo. I personally think Gomez woulda been a better fit though. Heres hoping Danny boy keeps it up as Philadelphia is not a forgiving place
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