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First day analysis

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Briere to Philadelphia

Wow, remember when these guys were big and scary? Now they're young, fast and iffy (especially between the pipes). But if all goes well Briere will be a great centerpiece for the new look Flyers, and if not, it'll be a long 8 years.

Drury and Gomez to the Rangers

Made the pre-cap Rangers splash with less flash, and more leadership. Sather is hoping that these two feed pucks to the widely engmatic team around them for years to come. One has to wonder though, how the precarious chemistry of the NHL's team Europe will be affected.
I'm guessing Nylander takes Drurys spot in LA

Blake to the Leafs

Could be the most talented winger to play with Sundin. If he doesn't live up to his career year, the Toronto lights will burn very hot. Used to mediocrity on the Island so probably wasn't scared off by the Leafs lack of success in the past as Smyth and Kariya were.

Rafalski to Detroit

For only a million more, this was a very decent upgrade on Schneider. Rafalski will fit in nicely on the classy Wings and if all goes well, he could take the helm from lidstrom on the back end.

Smyth to the Avs

Will fill some of the offensive holes left by Tanguay and Forsberg and help Colorado back into the playoffs. If he stays healthy, could help do some damage, once there, but if not, could add to the Avs already injury prone fortunes. smyth is a risky sign for 5 years as his body can only hold up for so long with his style of play, but that style is what will make this signing payoff if all goes to plan.

Kariya to the Blues

Paul is the thinking mans player, so he must see something we don't down in St.Louie I was secretly hoping he'd end up in Vancouver somehow, so this one actually hurts a bit, I wonder if Guerin is jealous.

Sykora to the Pens

At the end of the day that was supposed to see the Oilers going hard at some players, they end up trading away their captain and losing Sykora to Pittsburgh. Sykora will have a blast playing for a team that worries very little about the back-check.
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