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Massapequa, NY • United States • 23 Years Old • Male
Ok guys this is my first blog, so ill start out by saying i am an 17 year old islander season ticket holder of believe it or not 15 years. Ive been watching the islanders disappointments year in and year out and i really think we have a chance to start to turn things around if not this year in the years to come.

For the first time ever we finally seem to have a couple of top prospects heavily protected in Kyle Okposo and Chris Campoli, both of which have the potential to be stars in this league.

But enough about the possible future the isles might have lets talk about the now. Buying out Yashin was the best thing the islanders have done in my 17 years on this earth. Although i would be much happier with a lineup that included names such as smyth, blake, guerin, comrie, and the tank, i guess i am going to have to accept having only three of those mentioned. The problem with that (and possibly building your team around a 37 year old winger) is that list only consists of offensive players. With the oilers recent signing of Souray, this leaves the isles with few "star quality" d-men. Leading the list would be Detriots Danny Markov. If what i heard from Ek is true and the isles had Markov in the bag and potentially gave him up i would seriously question what is going through Mr Snow's head. If Markov goes elsewhere this leaves the islanders with very few options to land a top quality player which would likely lead to a possible trade. But as assistant GM Ryan Jankowski said many times the isles are unwilling to give up Okospo and or draft picks for the looking to be much deeper draft in 2008. The only trade we've heard of is the possible trade for Derek Morris but again who are the isles going to give up to gain such a player (who might i add would be a great addition to the isles power-play standing along side Marc-Andre Bergeron on the point).

My major point is the isles need to go to war with a star d-man and they need to win that war by all means necessary!
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