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Some Early Christmas Gifts

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Hey guys,

The holidays are here and thats just grand. I wanted to wish everyone a holidays and very happy new year. The Isles, however were treated to a couple of early gifts in the week before the Christmas holiday break.

Sorry I have not wrote in a couple of days, as I have been putting in very long days at Steve and Barry's dealing with huge lines, which has led to a very sore and tired Zach. So I come to you tonight because I worked a 730-4 shift and I actually get a night off to relax before another crazy day of work tomorrow.

Lets start with very surprising departure of Kyle Okoposo from the University of Minnesota. Turns out the Golden Gofers are having an OK season and young Kyle was not satisfied with a coaching decision to move him from wing to center. The unhappiness was showing with his lack of contribution on the scoresheet. Any way you look at this, it could not come at a better time for this organization who to say the least, has struggled to get offense going at times. If and I say if Kyle is called up to the big club this year, fans will immediately appreciate his presence and hands in tight around the goal.

Speaking of presence in front of the net. Has anyone noticed Mike Sillinger parking himself in opponents goalie's faces on powerplays. He must have read some articles on Okoposo and realized hey this might be a good idea. If the goalie cant see the puck, he might not be able to save it. A similar play lead to the first career goal of a player I am now going to name as another gift before Christmas.

Blake Comeau. Yes, Im going to say, Mr. Andy Hilbert himself actually made a great play causing traffic in front of the goal that would lead to Blake's first NHL goal. For someone who only had three goals this year as a Sound Tiger, he sure is not playing like one. Great call by Teddy to call him up saying it would be a good thing because of the change of setting.

How about a scoring explosion as a final gift. Ok maybe it wasn't an explosion, but anytime the Islander's score four goals and Hilbert has one of them, you must consider that a milestone. The Islander's did not score four goals since tearing up the Lightning 4-0, Nov 1st at the Coliseum.

And just so you guys know, My friend and I purchased these pretty sick hats last week. You might have already seem them at the Coliseum if you've been to the past two games, but when the Islanders score a goal look for 2 goal lights to be flashing in the direction of section 330 or 340 and you know its me.

Email me if you guys have any questions, comments or concerns,
[email protected]
Until next time...
Lets Go Islanders!
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