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So here we are less than four days until the trading deadline this Tuesday at 3 PM and the Islanders are left with much more questions than answers. I have arrived home from my trip along with 89 other screaming Isles fans at "the rock" as the booster club made its first trip to the Prudential Center. We watched and learned that the Islanders are indeed human and can lose a game to the Devils this year. To describe the game its simple. New Jersey wanted it much more than we did.

This game though raised lots of questions. Was this indeed Comrie's last game as an Islander, or Satan, or the tank or is it the last game before a big contract. Garth Snow made it clear to the Islanders player agents that if they did not seriously consider signing a big contract they will be shopped for trade.

So what do we need to make a "playoff push" if that is what Snow really wants. This list is endless besides maybe a starting goalie. To be realistic what are the Islanders going to do. After thinking about it for days, having discussions with some people I have come to a conclusion and that conclusion is I HAVE NO IDEA. For one of the first times as an Islander fan, I truly am thankful I am not the GM of this hockey team. There has been many times in the recent past of this team where I would pace the house wondering why we made certain moves, thinking I could do a much better job, but this time I am glad I do not have make the decision Garth will be making come Tuesday.

I have heard us connected to a player like McCabe, but that would only happen if the Leafs throw in a prospect or a pick which is highly unlikely. Also we have been rumored to have interest in Brad Richards. First of all; Do we really want to take on his 8 million per contract for someone who has the same amount of goals as Mike Comrie. Second and much more important; We don't have what Tampa Bay really needs and that is a young goaltender. Third of all Richards has a NTC and has said he would not waive it to go to a "non-contender." I don't believe were considered contenders at least at this point and time.

Snow has also said he would not give up his first rounder as this will be a very deep draft. I do agree with that, but at the same time, that might stop us from getting a big 1st line player, more specifically a first line center.
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February 24, 2008 2:39 PM ET | Delete
I highly doubt we'll get a first line center at the deadline. It was said in Newsday today that Tank and Vaz were not offered contract extensions so I expect them to be dealt, and rightfully so. They were incredibly inconsistent throughout the year, and during the thick of things they were both non-factors on the ice. Tank only has started to produce now, and you have to wonder if that's his way of saying, "get me out of here." Hopefully Satan will be dealt; although I like him his stats have faded and he is the one impending UFA we have that could bring back a decent return. Comrie is in negotations, according to newsday as well, for an extension, and hopefully he'll be our second line center for a few more years. Berard and Bergeron hopefully have their bags packed as well. As of now, I see this team shopping away Vaz, Tank, and Miro for young players or picks, and at least one defenseman that will impact our blueline. Perhaps we'll see Berard and or Bergeron thrown into one of those deals to sweeten it up a bit.
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