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Hey guys. Sorry it has been awhile as I have been very busy with some school work, regular work and my own hockey games. Since I have last blogged there has been a lot of good and bad that has been going around the Islander organization.

First from the recent road trip. A bit of a rough start with the OT loss in Colorado and the blowout in Edm, but the Islanders really started to turn it on during the ladder of that road trip. A four goal night?! Do I really need to add anything to that. And better, the scoring was from the usual suspects of Guerin and Comrie. How about the Silly and Hunter line pouring it on for all the offensive points in that game up in Calgary. The Isles ended the road trip on a very positive note beating the #1 Senators team in a VERY VERY rare victory in Ottawa. If that wasn't enough they beat them without top d men Witt and Marty.

Bridgeport fans were also given a great look into the future this weekend with the Kyle Okposo show. Kyle played in all three games this weekend and recorded five points (1 goal 4 assists). Not bad for a kid who left college mid season to become pro. What better way to start your pro career. He didn't just play for the team this weekend, he led them with his speed, hard work, puck handling skills and great shot.

Now to some of the things I am not liking out of the rumor mill. It has been reported in many places that Islanders even if they are in the playoff hunt might still be sellers at the deadline. As a fan that really depresses me and I will tell you why. If you look at the playoff bracket as it stands right now, there is only two teams I don't like the Isles in and that would be the Senators and the Habs. The other 5 times I believe the islanders could beat, and when I say beat I mean in six games or less. This is truly a shame because I really feel we have a great chance to make it to the second round this year and when we get there who knows who got knocked out in round 1. Also, from an owners standpoint, the Isles need to make it to the second round for this team to make any money, so I highly doubt the Islanders are going to have a fire sale if they are in serious contention. The only thing I might consider or something I was pondering was what could the Isles get if we package up Comrie and Satan in one deal. I was thinking we could get something really big there. Tell me what you think. You can email me at zach.islesnation.com

I would like to wish everyone luck in the two contests this night on the IslesNation.com talk show for your chance to win great seats for the Isles game this Tuesday. Looking forward to seeing you there.
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