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"Lord Stanley's Cup - The Greatest of All Trophies"
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Since the comment part of myhockeybuzz still doesn't work, I thought I would give our Irish friend from Belfast a little love back on his post.

Ray - You have only been disrespected twice so far, so I offer two apologies. The idea of a British game in concert with the NHL game is warranted and I wonder why it posed such a problem? Call it a "double header" and give the fans twice the fun. I am probably in the minority, but the NHL and ALL Kings and ALL Ducks players should feel honored to play the game they love to play in a foreign land. To be hosted by a country that is one of the greatest futball (soccer) fan bases in the world, should be great for a hockey player. Promoting the game and the fan base is important and should be looked at as such. Not with snobbery and contempt. More and more players are coming from the European nations and giving those family member and friends an "easier" venue to watch their loved ones compete, live, at the professional level is also a nice gesture and I believe should happen more often.

Does anyone recognize that one third of all NHLers are now born outside of North America. For some of you, that is one in every 3 players in the NHL are NOT Americans or Canadians. Can you believe such an inflamatory statistic? Who could believe such a thing? How dare those Euros try and infiltrate the North American game and the NHL. Well, it is true and playing a few games in Europe for the European fans is not going to kill any of the players or North American fans. Who knows, it just might be a great way to sell more NHL merchandise and help support those infant, revenue sucking teams that so many HBers love to bash.
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