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"Lord Stanley's Cup - The Greatest of All Trophies"
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I love to read and write blogs. I love to learn from, and educate, other bloggers. I love the sense of humor and sarcasm of unencumbered bloggers. I love the respectful, yet free flow of expression. But there is something that has been driving me nuts - Blog Titles.

Here are a few examples of the abhorant titles that I have read:
"Ducks Deficiencies Demand Deadline Dealings"
"Team xyz Shoots the Stars from the Sky"
"Team xyz Snuffs Out the Flames"
"Detroit Douses the Flames"
"Crosby, Malkin, Nash and Young - Old Time Rock-n-Hockey"
"Lightening Strikes Twice"
"Devils Dodge Deadly Drubbing"
"Oilers Pump Black Gold and Score 6"
"Canes Declaw the Panthers"
"Hasek Haunts Habs"
"Blues Beat Bruins Badly"
"Stars Fall from the Sky
"Leafs get Raked"
"Kings get Crowned"
"Wild get Tamed"
"Penguins get Eaten by Sharks"
"Sharks get Harpooned"
"Caps Lapse as they can't Handle Traps"

Anyone have more to throw into the heap?
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April 11, 2008 5:14 PM ET | Delete
"Ducks waddle past Sharks in OT win"
May 13, 2008 9:33 PM ET | Delete
Rangers Rock in the "Rock" and Roll Right to Round 2
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