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"Lord Stanley's Cup - The Greatest of All Trophies"
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and are outplayed by their lesser known mates, what should a coach do? During the last game the Ducks played against the Dallas Stars, there was one Duck who stood out against his other teammates - Drew Miller. The younger brother of Sabres goalie Ryan Miller, scored his 1st NHL goal the game before against the Nashville Preds and the excitement of that event clearly carried over in the game against the Stars. He was flying and creating scoring opportunites while his more seasoned and notorious teammates loafed around the ice. Many of them looked disinterested and lazy. He was one of the top 3 forwards in the Dallas game and yet, his reward was a measley 9 minutes of ice time. When a coach obviously sees a player performing above the level of the star players, does it not seem clear that egos and star status should go by the way of the team? The other notable player for the Ducks that played above his mates was Brad May. His reward was also a meager 9 minutes of ice time. Message to Coach Carlyle: I don't care if George Parros is outplaying Getlaf, Kunitz, Perry, MacDonald, Moen, Pahlsson, or whoever. Play the guys that show up with jump in their step and a desire to play and win and if you need some spark, bring up Jason King and Brandon Segal to show the Duck NHLers what it looks like to play with passion, speed, and desire.
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Terry Crisp interviewed Brad May last week when we were at Anaheim. Brad is a class guy all the way and it was obvious that Crisp has nothing but the highest of regards for him and his many selfless years of play. I looked up his stats and realized how few minutes he plays anymore. The last sentence of your post succinctly sums up what to do when a team falls into the trap of lazy, disinterested performances.
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Whenever a younger player is brought up, they tend to outplay all of the current roster players. The younger guys would love to stay up on the bigger team. Good for Drew. Nice blog...and great subject!!
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