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"Lord Stanley's Cup - The Greatest of All Trophies"
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The Ducks gave one away in the 3rd period last night in Phoenix. The hard part was trying to determine if they were playing "prevent defense" to hold on to the lead or if they were actually trying to win the game by playing offensively and attacking. Lately, with the total lack of scoring, it is often difficult to know which is which. Either way, they let a 2 -0 lead turn into a 3-2 loss in a shootout.

Doug Weight played 13:50 and that was about 13 minutes too long. With all due respect to a great career, he is either injured or just taking up space. I would rather see Brian Sutherby flying around at a top speed and hitting people to create some space for Bertuzzi and Marchant than having Weight out for a Sunday afternoon skate. I want Ryan Carter back so bad, but his fluke injury needs time to heal. In the meantime, throw Weight on the 4th line and let him languish with 4 minutes per game. Enough is enough.

Randy Carlyle needs a wake up call. The Ducks changed lines to get "the desired match ups" more times last night during the game than a newborn gets its diaper changed in months. It is crazy. HE totally disrupts the flow of the game for his players when he is so anal and wrapped up in his desire to control everything. Let them play! Also, your 4th line (with Bobby Ryan included) saw about 4 minutes of ice time. Did you not notice your top lines looked a little tired there late in the game? Everyone else saw it. It was obvious. Also, if we are having a little touble putting the puck in the net, why not slot your known goal scorer (Ryan) in on a few shifts with the other lines? Can't be worse than the potent snipers we play for 18 -20 minutes each game (Moen, R Nieds, Bert, etc).

And as for the 3 shoot out selections of Bertuzzi, Marchant and Pronger. This was your call. Not a single shot on net in 3 attempts.
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