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"Lord Stanley's Cup - The Greatest of All Trophies"
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Ducks versus Wild tonight at 5pm PST at the Honda Center. I'll be there early for warm ups. Just in case.

"Should be a good old fashioned grudge match, so come on down. Bring the kids. There are still plenty of seats available at the War Memorial."

During game 5 of the Ducks v. Wild playoffs last season, the pregame action was gnarly. First off, the Wild were seeking a little payback after Brad May jacked Kim Johnsson on the blind side in game 4 and put Kim out for game 5. It also earned May a 3 game suspension himself. So during warm ups, before the referees even come on to the ice, Boogaard and George Parros come together at center ice after Pronger gets popped across the center red line. Both teams came together in a good old fashioned melee. I was very happy that I arrived early for warm ups. No punches were thrown, but it got everyone's attention and set a neighborly tone for the game. A few minutes later, after they had separated and restarted warm ups, a mystery puck clocks Teemu Selanne in the skull and provides a good 6-8 stitches. The origin of that puck is still unknown, but I think maybe someone should call Alfredsson and ask him if he knows anything. I will be leaving extra early today to make sure there is no possible way for me to miss any pregame activities. Here's to a punishing game with 3-4 good quality scraps and the Ducks winning by 4 of course. Here - here!

Monday - now that the game is over and the blog never posted, I thought I'd write a little follow up. I did get my photo taken with the MN Wild Mothers at the gameand Mrs. Boogaard was there as well. I suspect Mrs. Harding had the best time as her son took home the shutout victory in a top notch goatending display. Nice ladies and they have been having a great trip with their boys. The Ducks did this last season, except it was the Fathers who hit the road with the team. Classy deal by these organizations. The game was just as I suspected. We had 3 fights. Boogaard v May, Boogaard v Parros and then Getzlaf v Schultz. In the opening tilt, Boogaard lined up across from Parros face to face. I would have bet money it was time. Instead, Boogaard backs out and coyly switches places with the right winger so he is face to face with May instead. May backs up a few feet as they have a gentlemenly conversation. The puck drops and here we go. Gloves off and 6'7 v 6'1. Not much of a fight. Boogaard had to settle for a couple of good rib shots under the arm of May. Like Rocky hitting the frozen beef in the cooler. That was a message for May blindsiding Kim Johnsson last year. In round 2, Boogaard tried to run one of the Ducks and missed. Parros skated directly up to him and gave him a little love bump and here we go. Gloves off and Parros, although a little weaker in leg strength, managed to beat up Boogie and drop him like a sack of potatos. In the 3rd round, Nick Schultz kept pestering Getzlaf around the ice. Finally Getzlaf pounded him into the boards, ripped off his helmet, took a couple of fists off the back of his own head, and then completed a nice reversal takedown. Getzlaf landed a bunch of his own and won the middleweight belt. By the way, Josh Harding made 40 stops and the Ducks lost 2-0.
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