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"Lord Stanley's Cup - The Greatest of All Trophies"
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You read it right. I figured since none of the usual top Pacific Division teams really want to get their games going and take a lead to win the Division, then why not Phoenix? They have a bunch of "no name" kids on the team that can all play the game. Aside from Shane Doan and Jovo, who else is well known? I would love to be in the locker room and experience the new blood of youth that the Coyotes must be experiencing. They are fast, they play hard, and they have not bought into the notion that they deserve to be in the cellar and they can't win. Look at their road record. I think they have a single road loss. If they played nealrly as good at home at Jobing.com Arena, they would be running away with the Pacific. Nobody has them thinking that they don't have a chance or "hey, you can't make that move in the NHL" mentality that grips so many veteran players. These young professionals are not afraid to be physical, will make plays that others would not dare attempt, and go to the tough places. They may be unknown, but their success in the Pacific is in their own hands and I would not be surprised that with some growing confidence, the Phoenix Coyotes make their stab at winning the Pacific Division. Watch out the rest of you Prima Donna's in the Pacific. Your kid may just beat you.
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November 9, 2007 11:05 PM ET | Delete
Interesting observation DF. Love the lines about "not buying into the notion that they deserve to be in the cellar" and "hey, you can't make that move in the NHL". It's a great point and you're right. If the old guard assumes the good-old-boy status quo approach, they're liable to find themselves left in the dust sooner than planned. I read something somewhere expressing similar sentiments regarding the Hawks' Kane and Toews. I am also seeing similar while watching the exuberance, skills, and maturation of the Preds' Alexander Radulov. Seems to be a more rapid changing of the guard here and there, especially since the lockout.
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