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Here comes da' Ray Emery bandwagon, DE • United States • 15 Years Old • Male
The Flyers came out today and had the zip, right from the beginning. That was the key in the Flyers 6-3 victory today over the Pittsburgh Penguins. Obviously, the Flyers have not had great starts lately, but today that was a different story. It had looked like someone lit a fire up their you know what today. I was very, very impressed with the way the Flyers started the game. Joffrey Lupul started the scoring in the first period with the powerplay goal. I'm amazed that Joffrey Lupul has 9 goals this season, considering his inconsistentness. Not long afterwards, Mike Knuble scored another one of his dirty goals, on the powerplay. In my pregame blog, I said that it was time for Knoobs to get a couple of dirty goals, and sure enough, Knoobs got two dirty, but effective goals today. In the second period, Jordan Staal scored his 10th goal of the season for the Pens, and that cut the Flyers lead to 2-1. However, the Flyers came right back when Mike Richards scored to make it 3-1. Not long afterwards, it was Scotty Hartnell who got on the board. I'll tell you right now, Scotty is playing great hockey, and he is on a roll right now. He just keeps growing on me in a positive way right now. Later on in the second period, Knoobs scored again on the powerplay, to make it 5-1 Flyers. They just manhandled the Pens in this game in every aspect of the game. What was even more amazing was that Sidney Crosby was invisible in this game. You barely heard a word about Sid in this game. If you can do that, then you should win most of the time. In the third period, Eric Godard, yes I said Eric Godard, scored off a deflection to make cut the Flyers lead to 5-2. I said, "What? Eric Godard!? Are you serious?". Then not long after that, Godard dropped the gloves with Scotty Hartnell. I give Scotty a ton of credit for dropping em' against the resident enforcer for the Pens. At that point in the game, you expect Riley Cote to be out there, so that none of the key players have to face Godard. At first, most thought that Godard got an instigator for the fight, because Harts clearly took a while to drop the gloves. However, Godard got a roughing penalty instead. Either way, the Flyers got a power play, and that worked out perfectly for the Flyers, as Jeff Carter scored his 21st goal of the season. Jeff keeps on rolling and doing what he does best. Ruslan Fedotenko added a goal for the Pens late, but it didn't matter, as the Flyers went on to win 6-3. Now you can take into account that the Pens were missing Gonchar, Whitney, and Hal Gill, their three key defensemen, and also Max Talbot and Tyler Kennedy, and Marc-Andre Fleury, who was the backup for this game. Then again, the Flyers did their job and just beat the living crap out of the Pens and just put them to sleep. Obviously, this was the best home performance this season for the Flyers, in terms of leading from start to finish, and winning handily. The Flyers have had the fans scared with all these one goal games at home, and having a three goal win makes it easier. My star of the game is Kimmo Timonen. Kimmo had four assists in this game, and it tied a career high. Not only that, but he was a little bit mad as well. He didn't like some of the calls that the refs were making in this game, and he had a little snarl in him as well. I like it Kimmo. Here is a great stat or two; we held Malkin to one assist in this game, Crosby had zero points, and was a -3 in this game. If you can do that on a consistent basis, you will win a ton of games, because the secondary scoring for the Pens in this game is not that good. Matt Carle returned from his odd injury by scoring two assists. They called it an intercostal injury. What the heck is an intercostal injury? Is it like I-95, except it's in Matt's body, or what? Either way, everyone is happy that he's back because he is a big difference maker for this team. The Flyers return on Tuesday night when they take on the Colorado Avalanche.
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December 14, 2008 12:37 AM ET | Delete
w00t !
December 15, 2008 5:22 PM ET | Delete
richie you ever been to an a game? cause you can actually report on more of the nuances of the game then just what comcast reports during the game.. as far as intercoastal, you might want to google "intercostal muscles and costal cartilage"
December 17, 2008 5:58 PM ET | Delete
Yeah, I've been to two games. Both of them were last season.
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