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Here comes da' Ray Emery bandwagon, DE • United States • 15 Years Old • Male
This was a disgraceful, very disgraceful effort that all Flyers fans had to watch tonight. It was a total disgrace. The Flyers lost 5-1 to the Blackhawks tonight. The Flyers had absolutely no jump tonight, the Flyers were in their own zone way too much tonight. The Flyers got into Chicago a little bit later than expected because of airplane problems, but that is not an excuse. You are a professional and you have to find a way to get energy and win this game. Honestly, I thought the Flyers would win the game going into the third period. It was only a one goal game going into the third period, but the Flyers just mailed it in and gave up three goals in the period. This is the worst game that the Flyers have played, by far this season. No ands, ifs, or Buts. This was the worst game of the season. Give credit to the Blackhawks because they are one heck of a team, but to get outworked, outmuscled, outplayed, out everything, it is plain inexcusable. After Marty Biron gave up the two early goals, he settled down, but you could tell that after the fifth goal, he knew it was over for good. When Arron Asham is your best player on the ice, you got a serious, serious, serious problem. That's not a knock on Ash, because he's a solid player, but guys like Jeff, Simon, etc., have to play better. I thought Richie was the second best player for the Flyers. He scored a goal in this game and he fought Troy Brouwer late in the third period. In the second period, the Flyers were flat out atrocious offensively. They didn't get their first shot on goal in the period until the late part of the period. It is inexcusable, and it doesn't help when you are in your own zone for the majority of the game. That was just a yucky game on both sides of the puck, offensively, and defensively. This was just a flat out, terrible game tonight. No positives that you can take out of this game. The Flyers need instant amnesia, and I mean it, because they play the Blue Jackets tomorrow night at 7pm. Antero Niittymaki will certainly get the start for that game. I'll tell you this right now, the Flyers better be working their buns off because if not, you will see the same result. The Jackets are a hard working team with Hitch behind the bench, and the Flyers better match the intensity. That game can be seen on Comcast Sportsnet at 7pm.

Game Summary
1st period
CHI- Ladd(7), 1:13 Assists: Havlat(16), Bolland(14)
CHI- Sharp(19), 2:35 Assists: Kane(24)
PHI- Richie(15), 7:42 Assists: Asham(3), Carts(15)
PHI- Asham, Interference 2 min. 5:27
PHI- Jones, Holding the stick 2 min. 11:49
CHI- Toews, Slashing 2 min 19:59
2nd period
PHI- Knuble, Tripping 2 min 1:10
PHI- Gratton, Fighting(major) 5 min 6:56
CHI- Adams, Fighting(major) 5 min 6:56
PHI- Lupul, Slashing 2 min 19:04
PHI- Gags, Holding 2 min 20:00
3rd period
CHI- Campbell(6), PP 0:39 Assists: Wisniewski(4), Kane(25)
CHI- Versteeg(9), PP 4:07 Assists: Byfuglien(7), Havlat(17)
CHI- Bolland(7), 5:07 Assists: Campbell(19), Brouwer(9)
PHI- Coby, Hooking 2 min 2:13
PHI- Powe, Delaying game-Puck over glass 2 min 2:19
CHI- Ladd, Slashing 2 min 6:10
PHI- Richie, Fighting(major) 5 min 12:47
PHI- Richie, Slashing 2 min 12:47
CHI- Brouwer, Fighting(major) 12:47

#43 Marty Biron: 33 saves on 38 shots
#39 Nikolai Khabibulin: 17 saves on 18 shots

1. #24 Martin Havlat CHI
2. #10 Patrick Sharp CHI
3. #16 Andrew Ladd CHI
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December 27, 2008 4:16 AM ET | Delete
Nice summary, Richie. You can't give a team as good as Chicago two consecutive 5 on 3s.
December 27, 2008 12:55 PM ET | Delete
December 27, 2008 12:57 PM ET | Delete
Richie,I was waiting for the Flyers to put a crushing hit on Havlat all night. Havlat had way too much room and was skating all over the ice. It never happened. The Flyers can't let skill guys skate around like that,. Also too many dumb penalties against a good team never equals a win.
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