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Flyers beat Stars 4-3

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Well last night, the Flyers got a big win, as they defeated the Stars 4-3. The Flyers didn't play their best game last night, but the only thing that matters is the win. Watching this game last night, I felt really confident that the Flyers could win this game because of the fact that they have been able to win close games lately. This was a game that was going to be close, because both of these teams have a lot of offensive firepower. Once again, Jeff Carter gets on the statsheet with his 15th goal of the season. Jeff is having a great season, and he deserves to make it on the All-Star team. The fact that he is tied for 1st in the NHL in goals definitely gives Jeff a great chance to make it. Not only that, but Jeff has drastically improved his defensive game. Last night in the guts of the game, John Stevens had Jeff going against Mike Modano, who had already scored 2 goals in the game. What does Jeff do? He is able to contain Modano and the Flyers win the game. That is what is going to make Jeff an elite player in this league. Mike Knuble scored twice in this game last night as well. Some people who think he might be traded in order to get Shanny, but right now, I wouldn't do it. Mike has played well offensively this season, and he is well on his way to another 30 goal campaign. Marty Biron played a solid game last night, and when Marty is positioned right, he can win a lot of games for the Flyers. He made the big saves when the Flyers needed it. How about Simon Gagne? Simon is back and he is better than ever. 11 goals and 13 assists this season, and he is playing great.

Side notes: Andreas Nodl almost scored his first NHL goal, but it was called off after the puck was under Marty Turco and the refs blew the whistle...Ossi Vaananen returned after missing 4 games with a finger injury...next Flyers game: Wednesday night @ Carolina- 7pm on CN8.
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November 25, 2008 6:30 PM ET | Delete
Good job. Nice wrap up.
November 25, 2008 6:59 PM ET | Delete
Nice job, Richie.
November 25, 2008 9:19 PM ET | Delete
Good work Richie
November 25, 2008 9:22 PM ET | Delete
Excellent recap, Richie. Good analysis on the role Carter was asked to play.
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