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Flyers edge Nucks 3-2

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The Flyers got back on the winning track, as they defeated the Canucks 3-2 last night. I was very impressed with how the Flyers played last night. Unfortunately, one of the stars on the Flyers got hurt way too early in the game. About 15 seconds into the game, Simon Gagne got hurt when Kevin Bieska hit him near the boards. Simon left the game with an upper body injury. Right when that occured, Mike Richards came to the aid of Simon, and fought Bieska. Richie may have lost the fight, but once again, what matters is that Richie stuck up for his teammates. He sent a message to the Nucks saying that the Flyers were not going to put up with the unnecessary hits. Not long after the skirmish, Jeff Carter scored his 27th goal of the season when he beat Curtis Sanford from the right side to make it 1-0 Flyers. Jeff got shutout in terms of scoring goals the last two games, in Chicago and Columbus respectively, but he got back on the board. This game was literally penalty-free for the most part, and because of that, the game went by pretty fast. However, late in the first period, with the Nucks on the power play, Daniel Sedin scored his 18th goal of the season. His brother, Henrik set him up for the goal. However, the Flyers struck less than a minute after the goal from the Nucks, when Scotty Hartnell scored to give the Flyers a 2-1 lead. Speaking of Harts, he is a true warrior for playing with that broken big toe. I know that it has to be excruciating for Harts when it comes to putting and taking off the skates, because it hurts really bad. Harts, you are the man. So after one period of play, the Flyers led 2-1. In the second period, the young Jonathon Kalinski scored his first NHL goal on a wrist shot. Josh Gratton, who assisted on Kalinski's goal, gave him the puck. Jonathon is going to remember that for the rest of his life, that's for sure. Later on in the second period, the bugger, Ryan Kesler scored his 9th goal of the season for the Nucks to cut the Flyers lead to 1. Obviously we all remember when Bob Clarke threw an offer sheet at Kesler before the dreaded season that needs no explanation. However, the Nucks matched the offer sheet. After two periods of play, the Flyers led 3-2. How about Claude Giroux. I thought he played one heck of a game last night. Not only did he get his first career assist on Jeff Carter's goal in the first period, but he was forechecking very well, and had a lot of energy. He wasn't scared of the Nucks defense, and size, and that helped a lot. During the game, when Claude didn't get the puck, Flyers color analyst Bill Clement said, "aah". It was funny, because he obviously knew that Claude had it going tonight. The third period was a defensive period because nobody scored. The pace of the game was fast, because there were not many penalties taken in the game, but very, very late in the game, Mike Knuble was called for slashing with 20 seconds left in regulation. The Flyers had to kill that penalty for the final 20 seconds, and they did just that. It was a nail-biter, but the Flyers held on to win the game. That's the most important thing. Marty Biron played well, as he made 29 saves for the victory. For the Nucks, Curtis Sanford was pulled after the first period with an injury. Around that time, there was a trade that was announced. The Nucks got Jason Labarbera from the LA Kings, for a low draft pick. Cory Schenider came in and made 19 saves, but it wasn't enough, as the Flyers still found a way to win. I was very impressed by the Flyers being able to come back after two bad losses to win this game last night.

Game Summary
First Period
PHI- J.Carter(27) Assists: M.Carle(8), C.Giroux(1) 3:16 Flyers 1-0
VAN- D.Sedin(18), PP Assists: H.Sedin(28), M.Raymond(10) 16:54 Tie 1-1
PHI- S.Hartnell(14) Assists: J.Carter(16), J.Lupul(12) 17:39 Flyers 2-1
PHI- M.Richards, Fighting(major) 5 min 0:15
VAN- K.Bieska, Fighting(major) 5 min 0:15
PHI- D.Powe, Hooking 2 min 16:41
Second Period
PHI- J.Kalinski(1) Assists: J.Gratton(2) 2:36 Flyers 3-1
VAN- Kesler(9) Assists: A.Burrows(9), Bernier(10) 11:56 Flyers 3-2
PHI- S.Hartnell, Delay of game-puck over glass 2 min 6:06
Third Period
VAN- H.Sedin, Hooking 2 min 4:25
PHI- M.Knuble, Slashing 2 min 19:40

#43 Marty Biron: 29 saves on 31 shots(W)
#35 Cory Schenider: 19 saves on 20 shots(L)
#41 Curtis Sanford: 7 saves on 9 shots

1. #19 Scott Hartnell PHI
2. #3 Kevin Bieska VAN
3. #43 Marty Biron PHI

Next Flyers game: Friday night @ Ducks 10pm CSN-HD
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December 31, 2008 4:00 PM ET | Delete
What unnecessary hits? Bieksa's hit on Gagne was straight on as clean as they come. Ohlund's 2 hits were solid good hockey hits. The only hits that were unnecessary were the ones Bieksa laid on Richards -- but Richards made them necessary(joking). Richards should have got an extra 2 minutes as he initiated the fight while he still had his visor on. it was an excellent game for the most part by both teams.
December 31, 2008 7:15 PM ET | Delete
Maybe you misunderstood me, what I probably meant to say was that Mike Richards probably thought that it was an unnecessary hit, and he didn't like it. Sorry for the confusion.
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