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Jeff Carter for early MVP

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If you watch the Flyers regularly, you understand how important Jeff Carter is. I certainly understand how important he is to this team. When I mean important, I mean important. The numbers that Carts is putting up this season is over the charts. 19 goals this season, which leads the league. I can guarantee you that nobody thought that Jeff would be leading the league in goals after December 6th. I thought that Jeff was going to have a breakout season, but I didn't think it would be this big. Clutch players score big goals, and Jeff has done that. He did it again last night in Carolina against the Hurricanes. Right off the faceoff, Jeff wins it and finds a hole and is able to shoot it past Michael Leighton to win the game. What I saw there was unbelievable. Nobody can stop Jeff Carter right now, and everyone knows it. You can do everything you can possibly do to stop Jeff, but it ain't happening, that's for sure. Jeff has been Mr. Clutch this season. Here are some of the moments this season:

Saturday, October 25, 2008 vs. Devils: Jeff scores the game winning goal in overtime to beat Marty Brodeur and the Devils. Jeff was able to get in front of the net and get it past Marty.

Thursday, October 30, 2008 vs. Isles: Just five days later, Jeff did it again. This was a game where the Flyers did not play that well, but Jeff Carter saved the day. In overtime, he was able to get a shot up past Joey MacDonald right side.

Saturday, November 22, 2008 vs. Coyotes: This game here was all about Carts and Richie. Very late in the third period, the Flyers down 3-2, and needing a goal, Jeff ties the game with a goal. You could just tell in that game that Jeff had the fire, and he wanted to take over the game. Then in overtime, Jeff set up a big goal to Richie, and the Flyers completed the big comeback. What Jeff and Richie displayed in that game can't be matched.

Saturday, December 6, 2008: In overtime, guts of the game, Jeff wins a big faceoff, then shoots one past Michael Leighton to win the game. I was in shock because I couldn't believe that Jeff was able to score that quick right off the faceoff.

Overall, Jeff has three overtime goals, a key tying goal, and a key set-up to win the game in overtime. If that's not clutch, then I don't know what is clutch. All the people around the NHL need to take notice, because Jeff Carter is the real deal, and he is the biggest, biggest breakout star in this league. Today, I guarantee everyone that Jeff will score 50 goals this season. Yes, you heard it right here from none other than Richie18. Then at the end of the season, you come back to me when Jeff gets his 50 goals this season. It will happen because Jeff is a star in the making. Sign Jeff an extension for 10 more years, and we have one of the biggest 1-2 duos in Jeff and Richie. I'd be calling Versus so that they can get Jeff in some commercials.
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December 7, 2008 11:49 AM ET | Delete
Richie, I love your enthusiasm. I think with the Flyers, it is very hard to have one MVP. Richards does so many things for the club that I don't believe Carter has eclipsed him just yet. Still, there is no doubt that Jeff is having his break out year and if he continues will be headed for elite status. The fact that he is doing this while matched up against the other team's top line makes it even more impressive and adds support for him as the MVP.
December 7, 2008 12:08 PM ET | Delete
Vanek is tied with him now for lead in goals...don't think Carter or Vanek will be MVP but both are becoming superstars...nice in depth blog
December 7, 2008 2:46 PM ET | Delete
Simon Gagne for Flyers MVP???
December 7, 2008 5:41 PM ET | Delete
One could make an argument, and a pretty good one, that Carter isnt even MVP of the Flyers. Gagne and Richards deserve just as much consideration. That being said, Carter has been DOMINANT from day one.
December 7, 2008 5:45 PM ET | Delete
I think you won't see an actual MVP nomination for Carter unless he can increase his assist numbers. He has 19 goals but only 26 points. MVP voting typically seeks out players who not only contribute by scoring but who make the players around them better. The Maurice Richard Trophy might be the better fit for Carter.
December 8, 2008 11:00 PM ET | Delete
Biggest difference I see in Carter this season is he's finding more ways to create room and good quality shooting opportunities for himself... he's getting more shots on net as a result, which for a player with his caliber wrist shot, is a recipe for scoring goals. He continues to have a strong two way game as well. That said I think he's only just begun to tap into his potential. I see him just starting to be more patient and creative in terms of playmaking and making better use of his linemates when the clear shot isn't there, which I think is what can take him to truly elite status. I also think his physical game is still developing...he's a big boy and getting stronger. He can be even better by being more physical on the backcheck and forecheck. If he becomes skilled and practiced in these areas he can truly dominate the league imo.
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